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See pictures from this trip here:  Not a member of the Shutterfly site?  Click the “Continue reading” link for information on how to get access.

Ask ASM John  (john_k_chanatyahoodotcom?subject=T61 Shutterfly site request)   for access to the Shutterfly site.

The weather is looking fantastic for our trip this weekend.  Here are a few reference items for the trip.   PDF info on where we are going, what scouts will see, & info on the hike.

  • We are meeting on Friday 4/1 at Sandpiper School, 8:30 AM.  Planned departure time is 9AM.  There will be an equipment check prior to departure.  We are expecting to return around 2PM on Sunday.  If you need to know how to get to Pinnacles, here is a map and directions.
  • The Troop 61 Personal Gear List is appropriate for this trip.  The “10 Essentials” should always accompany the scout.  Both lists can be found on the Reference page.  The scout should bring a day pack for the hike to carry 10 essentials, lunch, & water.
  • In addition to the items in the camp list, please pack for a wide range of temperatures at Pinnacles.  It will likely be <40F at night and could be 75F+ in the day.  Pack cold weather gear as well as shorts.
  • The Saturday hike will be mildly strenuous.  64oz of water carrying capacity per scout is the minimum you should bring (Nalgene bottes and/or hydration pack).  A hat and sunscreen are also highly encouraged.
  • Scouts may also be tasked with bringing food for one or more meals.  If you are unsure of what to bring, ask your patrol leader.   We will have some coolers for items that are to be kept cold.  Other food can be brought in boxes or paper shopping bags.
  • Some scouts have been asked to bring extra supplies such as tents.  You know who you are.
  • Event registration page

Looking forward to fun time this weekend


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